Christian Gredig

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The Ting Tings' drummer is about to smash a cymbal pretty hard The Subways' bassist in joyful movement, her hair covering her face Guitarist and bassist looking and apparently shouting at each other The singer raising her hands, seen through the crowd raising their hands The Hundred In The Hands' singer and keyboarder with closed eyes Guitarist with closed eyes Crowd with raised hands reaching and facing towards the photographer Young singer with very happy facial expression Bassist from the back, guitarist from the front, guitarist looking kind of enchanted Eliot Sumner playing guitar and enjoying the moment, standing close to her band Thomas Godoj with closed eyes looking concentrated Blood Red Shoes' drummer Steven Ansell and guitarist Laura-Mary Carter both have their hair flying around from fast movement Violinist with calm and joyful facial expression, foggy background Alligatoah butler raising an arm, lots of fog Guy in foreground playing a trombone, guitarist in background is in the middle of a jump, legs drawn to his body Tattoed bassist in sleeveless top looks at his bass Itchy bassist holds his bass loosely, singing with eyes closed Fettes Brot trio posing for the camera Young mostly female crowd standing behind the barrier, lots of dreamy faces Claire singer Josie is about to hit a drumpad, her hair flying through the air. Guitarist and keyboarder are visible at the edges ZSK guitarist with yellow spiky hair is in the middle of a jump, legs drawn close to his body Legs of people at a festival in rubber boots walking through mud Silhouettes of a small crowd in front of a stage, people are dark while the grass they stand on is lit