Christian Gredig

wildrikku [at]

I create video games. (This website is work in progress.)

I play games on PC, Steam Deck and occasionally on my old Playstation 2. I develop games with Unity for PC with ambitions to develop for the Steam Deck, too. For my master thesis, I also develop some research projects with Unity. I have a background in programming so that is what I am best at. See games and applications I made or participated in making below to learn more about my skills. Click the header icons to learn more about the projects.

I am also a photographer, specialised in concerts, and I am a web developer. Check my other website or the links on top of this site to learn more.

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A screenshot of Labodytory. Isometric view, a rather dark setting but the lights of a surveillance motion sensor, activated puzzle items and a computer console are bright and colorful. A low-poly style body is floating in one of the rooms, it is missing its head.

Labodytory was a 10-day gamejam project. It features three puzzle levels of increasing difficulty. The player has to collect body parts and either use them to activate switches or complete the body while also taking advantage of missing body parts and therefore fitting through small spaces.

I was team lead for programming and wrote all of the game logic.

I programmed most of the visual effects.

I contributed some of the puzzles and their related level design.